Meet the Little Borne team:

Christine ELISE

& her 4 Little-Os

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BEING A FAMILY OF 6 - dIviding our time CONSTANTLY between london, barcelona & germany I NEEDED PRACTICAL GOOD QUALITY CLOTHES for my little-os.

life is busy enough - loud and colourful - filled with words and laughter - kids don't need to wear clothes that are busy on top of that- all they need is practical unisex staples that give them the freedom to be kids / running/climbing/skipping/sliding on knees etc.

I found that  kids clothes often have got the same cut as adult clothes but actually children have got very different needs when it comes to the shape.



together with Max, leO, sol & Vida i have designed the first 3 staples - the sweater, jogger and shorts and made them so that kids just think about being kids and run wild without restrictions or distractions.


Little borne was successfully crowdfunded over kickstarter in march 2017.