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unisex mix & match


No stereotyping.

our unisex approach makes it easy to pass little borne garments down to siblings/ cousins/ friends

all our colours can be worn mix & matched :)

Spacious relaxed cut

low crotch in the joggers so that kids can move freely 

& a spacious raglan sleeve in the sweater for easy access and free movement 

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100% organic

all our garments are made form the softest organic cotton -


dyed in the most environmentally friendly way -


produced ethically in oporto in our family run factory


& come in bio degradable bags

waistband &

head opening

Thanks to our adjustable double waistband our joggers never ever fall down 

The adjustable hem & waistband allows parents to buy a bit oversized

Our head openings are a bit wider than normal and super elastic for easy head access


no itchy labels

all brand/ size/ care labels are on the outside - 

no more cutting out labels that itch!

No ouch knees & elbows

Our knee and elbow patches are reinforced with double layers.

On the knees we have added an extra triple layer which softens after washing and tumble drying

Just think about how many hours your  little-os spend playing on their knees?

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big pockets

kids love to collect treasures that is why we made our garments with extra big & long pockets

remember to empty them before putting it in the wash:)

easy to care for.

You can wash and tumble dry all our garments at 40 degress! Yay!

kids are meant to get muddy during their play so we made it easy for you to look after little borne.

Thanks to their softness - little borne pieces don't need ironing

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