Production. Portugal, Oporto

Hello again beautiful Oporto!

Our 2nd visit to beautiful Oporto and its beautiful surroundings. First protos are made and even we are running behind schedule, we love each moment of this incredible journey!

An early morning flight and we landed in sunny Oporto, our agent M from our production team picked us up and took us to the greeny, leafy outskirts of the city, the textile production paradise!

We are looking forward to reviewing samples, fabrics and costs after the essential stop to have a sugary typically portugese coffee.

Our meeting goes well, we are a very small brand for our production to take on but they promise to do their best to produce the final prototypes on time and we are happy we found such a great, enthusiastic and professional team!

Happy and hungry we leave to visit the factory, textile dye house and leave to explore the portuguese yummy food.

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