Our little-O video

I remember having breakfast with my beautiful friend Anna from Paris a few days before baby Sol arrived and I asked her to remind me to make little borne become a reality once I entered my post baby lalaland. And so she did! Anna and her partner Christophe came all the way from Paris to shoot our Kickstarter campaign video. Anna is a super talented journalist and art director and her partner Christophe films the most amazing documentaries. Lucky us to have such wonderful talented friends! Please check out the result on www.littleborne.com

It was beautiful to see how everything worked! All children were wonderful and had the best time and Anna and Christophe were the most professional, patient team on earth! Even baby Sol enjoyed all the beautiful chaos and slept through most of it!

Here are a few impressions of 2 incredible days of friends, laughter and little borne!

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